Christmas meeting 2014.

The ALD office in Valletta has a committee meeting Sunday the 1st February 2014 - and is open for visitors 11-14. Just call 9926 7086  or come to Strait Street 67. (next dates: 8/3 & 12/4).

 Dry Bones :

The political humour from our guardians in the East of the

Mediterrenean Sea, Israel. (thank you, Yakoov Kirschen)


Thank you very much for the many votes and confidence, you gave me at the EU Parliament election mid-May."I am a Liberal, because I have a positive outlook on people and wish them the very best that I can imagine. Life is not always fair, and human beings are not perfect. - Therefore, we need a Liberal society. A society with a wealth sufficient to ensure, that we can take care properly of those affected by the unjust, those who in a period or a lifetime can not take care of themselves. I am proud Liberal, because I know that a Liberal society makes the weak strongest possible."

Jean-Pierre Sammut




Alleanza Liberali candidate Jean-Pierre Sammut

& Party Leader John Zammit before Luqa take-off


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JPS strategy meeting with HJG before Vienna Maltese delegation JPS & JZ at the convention

    JPS explaining to ALDE Secretary Tanatahoe

The two top-candidates for Malta (JPS) and Austria (Angelika Mlinar)

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Why do Europeans love Democratic Presidents ??
Hans-Jorgen Gotsche (ALD International Secretary)

The last half year or so we have witnessed an escalation of war-acts in Middle East (Syria) and Europe (Ukraine) - with two different scenaria. In Syria Shiite muslims shoot on Sunni muslims, and everybody shoot on the christians. This situation is backed by Iran, who has a big interest in destabilizing the area around Israel, while they are waiting for a chance to produce a nuclear bomb.

In Ukraine, Russia's President Putin has revived the inbuild Russian mentality from the "good old" Sovjet days - "we are very important players in this game, and nobody can stop us". A mix of bandits, soldiers and fortune-hunters, all masked, are sweeping over first Crimea and now the South-East of Ukraine, shouting for Putin's assistance.

What's completely wrong with this picture? Oh yes - where is USA in all this mess? 24 months ago President Obama started his second term in the White House, and during his 6 years administration, USA has in fact not had a foreign policy. There were some few bright moments in the first 4 when Hilary Clinton was secretary of state, but since the two wimps Obama and Kerry teamed up in January 2013, Putin and other warlords have been free to act however it suits them.

And here we come to a pivotal point - in the last 50 years every Democratic US President has been disregarding or ignorant of foreign policy. When there was a Republican President, there has always been fast reaction and efforts to solve problems outside USA - now always very successful, but at least an indication of "we won't accept that".

Let's have a look: Lyndon B. Johnson (D) really messed up in Vietnam, Richard M. Nixon (R) - everybodys favourite scapegoat - was the first President to go to China and start negotiations with the communists. Jimmy Carter (D) was a disaster home and abroad and ended up with a hostage-situation in Iran, which Ronald Reagan (R) quickly solved. Reagan - the B-rated Hollywood actor, together with real statesmen like Gorbatjov, Kohl and Thatcher - then broke down the Berlin-wall and the Sovjet empire, reunited Germany. In came Bill Clinton (D) who was so lucky not having any real foreign problems. He only couldn't keep his private parts in his trousers. 8 months after George W. Bush (R) entered office, WTC was attacked and over 2000 people were killed - but he reacted fast to show the mad guys in the world, that USA wouldn't accept that. And since then every European hates or ridicules him. So biiiiig expectations, when Barack Hussain Obama (D) took over in the White House "Change. . .".

And what a huge disappointment, not even at home in the states do people now consider him a change - at least not to the better. Unfortunately for all the political correct and "human" people here in Europe, Obama turned out to be a wimp. And Putin is marching on with all his Neo-Sovjet ideas and plans - no match till January 2017 . . .


Every last Saturday or Sunday of the month the Gozo office will normally be open from 10-14 - next meeting is SUNDAY 1. February 11.00-14.00. in the Valletta office, 67, Strait Street. (Next Valletta meetings: 8/3 & 12/4 2015)


Maltese Members of the European Parliament 2014/19:



National Party

EP Group


Roberta Metsola

Nationalist Party


David Casa - CV

Nationalist Party


Therese Comodini Cachia

Nationalist Party



Miriam Dalli -

Labour Party



Alfred Sant -

Labour Party



Marlene Mizzi - CV

Labour Party



 Actual shots:

Part of the committee at the reception in
 Marsalforn 03-01-2014.
Party leader John Zammit was interviewed by French journalist Alexis Rosenzweig (France 24) 13-02-2014)
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J.Zammit with G.Mikhalyova, S.Mitrokhin & O.Radayeva - Yabloko Danish ex-Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal, ex-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen & ALDM International Secretary Hans-Jorgen Gotsche




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